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Thank you for taking the time to view my website! Here you’ll find information about current and upcoming books, works in progress, and more.

No matter the genre, my books feature tales of overcoming the odds to achieve love and acceptance–universal desires for everyone no matter who or what they are.

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Latest Releases

A Promise Kept cover art

A PROMISE KEPT is a reissue by my alter-ego, Mallery Malone. This medieval romance is set in Ireland and features a female Viking mercenary battling with a scarred Irish chieftain, her desire for freedom, and her need for a place to call home.

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Christmas castle cover

Christmas at Caynham Castle
A Collection of 7 Holiday-Themed Novellas

A seasonal ball,
A charming town on the Welsh border,
And an ancient castle with adventure, mystery, ghosts and romance in every corner.

Celebrate the Christmas season with seven authors, each telling the story of the holiday at Caynham Castle in her own spectacular style.

My contribution to this anthology is STILL, a novella set in the Shadowchasers world. Morgan Lafayette is a Light Witch with a Shadow problem. Injured while trying to rescue a young psychic, Morgan is in a race against time and the blight growing inside her. Her family sends her to Caynham-on-Ledwyche to meet with Meg Davies, a powerful healer. She doesn’t expect to meet Meg’s son and fellow astral traveler Arthur Davies or have him become her literal knight in shining armor. With the blight growing and threatening her nascent relationship, will Morgan put her trust in Shadowchaser Kira Solomon, knowing the Chaser will literally hold her life in her hands?

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Latest Releases

I’m happy to announce that I’ve signed a deal with Berkley Books! The first book features a plus-size cosplaying blerd who convinces her best friend to be her boyfriend to win a cosplay competition show. The second book features rival science teachers who have to join forces to win a robotics championship for their school district. More info to come soon!

This year marks my 20th year as a published author! To celebrate that, I’ll be re-releasing my first book, No Committment Required, later this year. Be sure to follow me on social media to know when it hits the electronic shelves!

Urban Fantasy

Shadow Blade cover

The Shadowchasers series: A woman with a deadly touch enforces the balance between Light and Shadow in a paranormal Atlanta.

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Paranormal Romance

Seducing the Jackal cover

Witches, shapeshifters, and humans–oh my! Love is magical!

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Spice cover

Here and now, light and sweet, hot and spicy–love stories for every taste!

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