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(This novel was previously released in 2013 as Devil’s Angel)

Ireland, 1016

Conor mac Ferghal is the Devil of Dunlough: a fierce, scarred Irish chieftain who lives to protect his people. Erika Silverhair is the Angel of Death: a Danish exile selling her sword skills to defend the defenseless. When Erika is captured in battle, she will do anything to win her freedom, including duel the fearsome Devil himself.  Losing the duel means becoming the Devil’s bride. But Conor doesn’t want love, he wants an heir. If Erika provides him a son, she can have her freedom.

Erika agrees to the pact. In learning to be mistress of Dunlough, she comes to care for the land and its people, including Conor himself. Not everyone is happy with their union, however. As enemies move against them, the Devil and the Angel must learn to trust each other. Will these two warriors be able to rise above betrayal and revenge to fight for the greatest prize of all, or will old fears render then enemies forever?

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Billionaire’s Club: New Orleans

Three friends, champions in their chosen disciplines. Not afraid to fight hard and love harder. Meet the men of the Billionaire’s Club: New Orleans.

Knock Out

Knock Out cover

He is all about pleasure. His. His woman’s. Incredible, unrelenting, mind-blowing pleasure.

Heavyweight champion Sebastian Delacroix knows how to handle pain.

But when he has a woman beneath him, in his bed, her softness in his hands, it’s all about hot, unforgettable satisfaction and all the ways he can take it and give it.

No one walks away from him…Except one woman: Renata Giordano. And now she’s back. Strong, sexy, irresistible Renata.

This time, she will not escape.

Sebastian is coming for her and he’ll fight as dirty as he has to.

She will be his.

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Power Play

Seduction. Surrender. Satisfaction. When it comes to a woman he wants, these three words are his one and only mission.

MMA fighter Raphael Jerroult has always had to fight for what he wants–both in and out of the ring.

Except when it comes to women. They fall at his feet, eager for the kind of pleasure only he can give…again and again.

Enter Macy Lovelace, a red-headed beauty with curves that go on for days. A woman who is different from any he has ever encountered.

She slipped through his fingers once. But now he’s going to take her, seduce her, and satisfy her until she gives him nothing less than her complete surrender…

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Take Down

Powerful. Dominant, Unforgettable. He demands submission at all costs.

Cage fighter Gabriel Devereaux, a man of barely leashed power, is known as the Bayou Beast.

There is one woman he will do anything, pay any amount to possess.

Karina Armistead, has come a long way from the innocent girl Gabriel used to know. An internationally known singer, she can have anything she wants. But everything tells her that getting involved with the Bayou Beast may leave her wrecked beyond repair.

Little does Karina Armistead know, but Gabriel has decided that she will be his.

He will destroy anything or anyone who stands in his way.

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